TEG Dehydration Units

Water vapor is one of the most common impurities found in a natural gas stream. A dehydration unit is used to remove water vapor from natural gas streams to meet an outlet pipeline specification, which is normally 7lb/MMSCF or less. The most common method used for dehydrating natural gas includes the absorption of water vapor in the liquid desiccant, Triethylene Glycol (TEG) or Diethylene Glycol (DEG). Our standard dehydrators produce a dew point depression of 50°F to 110°F. Higher dew point depression capability is available for specific applications.

Reasons to remove water vapor from natural gas:

  • Prevents the formation of hydrates
  • Prevents the reduction of line capacity
  • Eliminates corrosion in pipelines
  • Maximizes the overall efficiency of pipelines
QB Johnson Manufacturing, Inc. continues to be a leader in designing and manufacturing dehydration units and has shipped over 1,000 units throughout the world. QBJ has the ability to engineer and manufacture dehydration units ranging from 60MSCFD up to and including 450 MMSCFD and has designed units that have exceeded pipeline specifications of less than 1 pound per MMSCF.

QBJ glycol dehydration units GUARANTEE outlet gas dewpoints and unit performance.

QBJ TEG Dehydration Unit job site installations